The Berkeley Center for Structural Biology brings over 20 years of experience to beamline management and innovation.  We operate six high-throughput protein crystallography beamlines at the Advanced Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  Our vision is to provide state-of-the-art beamlines through continual development and outstanding service for crystallographers around the world, enabling structure solution on even the most complex biological systems.

panorama of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab – looking out to San Francisco Bay from the Advanced Light Source

Citing Us

The Berkeley Center for Structural Biology is supported by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Participating Research Team members, and the National Institutes of Health, National Institute of General Medical Sciences, ALS-ENABLE grant P30 GM124169. The Advanced Light Source is a Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility under Contract No. DE-AC02-05CH11231. The Pilatus detector on beamline 2.0.1 was funded under NIH grant S10OD021832. The Pilatus detector on beamline 5.0.1 was funded under NIH grant S10OD026941.